4G Networks
One Stop Shop

GEKA TELECOM was a pioneer by being the first company specialised in providing overseas operators wth a global offer : supplying all the equipment for the public phone lines. This "One Stop Shop" offer allows the operators to purchase at once a wide range of compatible products for their wired networks.

Fiber optic solutions :

  - Connection equipment, mechanical or heat shrinkable closures, connectors, pigtails, patch cords
  - Fiber optic cables: single mode and multi mode fibers in total compliance with the current standards
  - Fiber optic cables specifically developped according to their future environment.

Copper wired networks :

  - Aerial and underground cables (Base 7 and base 10) )
  - Subscriber cables (5/99)
  - Installation cables and patch cords

Connections solutions :

 - Equipment items for underground networks (Ductile cast iron manhole covers, Accessories for manholes, Equipment for civil engineering works and for cable pulling, Heat shrinkable and mechanical splice protections, etc..)
 - Equipment items for aerial networks (Wooden and metallic poles, Connection accessories (anchoring and hanging systems, earthing equipment, etc..)
 - Subscribers connection (Subscriber junction box, Phone plugs and more ...)
 - Tooling
 - Measuring devices

Phones sets :

Our offer also includes a wide range of phone sets for operators (Analogue, IP, Dect, "Care", Professionals, and CDMA sets)

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