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GEKA TELECOM is the official integrator of Airspan 4G LTE products over West and Central Africa.

4G Airspan Solutions :

Established in 1992, the Company now has more than 500 customers in 100 countries around the world.

Airspan offers a wide variety of wireless broadband solutions to meet the needs of Internet Service Providers, Carriers and a number of vertical market segments including Smart Grids, Public Safety, Transportation and Oil & Gas.

Airspan has been at the forefront of developing new wireless standards.

Furthermore, by creating in-house expertise in 4G, LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and VoIP, Airspan is able to exploit synergies and come up with innovative products and solutions that closely integrate these technologies in the most beneficial ways for customers.



Backhaul / Microwaves :

DragonWave provides radio beams to relieve overburdened telecommunications networks . The principal application of DragonWave technology is connecting wireless networks, which connect the cell sites to the occupation fiber closest points in the system .

 Recognized in the industry for their superior performance and high reliability connection solutions DragonWave are designed to support all types of traffic and all network deployment scenarios - from upgrading the capacity to deploy new networks , through the expansion of networks .

 Besides the connection DragonWave offers solutions for packet microwave and packet convergence field tested for many other applications, including the replacement of leased lines , the extension of fiber last mile , private networks and company and the evolution of cellular networks

Authentication, Authorisation & Accounting :

    Aptilo Networks is a leader in pre-integrated management solutions for control of billing, user services and access to Wi-Fi networks, WiMAX (TM) and LTE.

  Aptilo has become the provider of choice of service providers, enterprises and municipalities needing a solution control policies and management services that is both scalable and rapidly deployable on their wireless networks.

  Whether in small facilities or extensive networks of operators, Aptilo solutions are deployed in over 45 countries.

TELES softswitch :

    NGN Solutions for Teles consist primarily Solutions Softswitches Class 4 & Class 5.

  These solutions are intended for operators and ISPs and meets their expectations by offering an integrated telephony applications based on platforms carrier-grade, scalable and flexible suite.

  All essential functions as a centralized operator remotely from his office or elsewhere, can view, configure, monitor, maintain and control the entire network.

Billing solutions:

   The billing system is a critical component of a telecom operator SI, whatever its size. It establishes the income generated by its activity and allows the recovery and ensures effective implementation of its commercial offerings.

  Aradial The solution we offer is available in several different markets dedicated to telecom software suites. Technological tools to high value-added, software traffic management and billing Telecom must take into account the problems pointed to very high levels of demand.

  Performance, robustness and ease of use of the software suites range Aradial convinced more than a hundred Telecom operators around the world.

Terminals :

   We offer a wide ecosystem of WiMAX CPEs 4G / LTE: outdoor, indoor, USB dongle, laptop, egg, telephone.

  All equipment is compatible with the Samsung 4G WiMAX / LTE and tested in lab and field solution.

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